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  1. Lampshades

Rather than using the same old lampshade designs that you see everywhere, try upgrading the ones you have with different colours and/or designs. Contemporary lampshade shapes and designs are a good way to decorate your living room and other areas of your house in a quick and easy way. Simple, plain white lampshades could also work.

  1. PaintAmazing-Jungle-and-Birds-Wall-Murals-Decals-Painting-in-Small-Living-Room-Interior-Decorating-Design-Ideas

You could get more creative with paint than you probably think. Your rooms are not all necessarily the same colour. This is not the only way of diversifying, though. You could try different colours on different walls of the same room. It creates an interesting dynamic and/or contrast in the room and entire house. Some rooms could do with some interesting artwork on the walls (depending on the function of the room).

  1. Accessories

Too many accessories can give off a cluttered look. If you want your home to be interesting, you can make use of accessories. However, just because you like something doesn’t mean it is good for your home. You could have tons of home decorating ideas but only a few of them can be used at once. Choose accessories that you would want to look at every day. Choose accessories that match well with your furniture, your paint job, etc.

  1. Photos

Choose a wall in your home and place all the family photos you have (or at least a good amount of them so the wall isn’t overly crowded). This is a decorative style that has been around for centuries and one you can never go wrong with. It also adds a touch of specialness to that part of the house.

  1. Frame Mouldings

If you want to turn an otherwise dull wall into an interesting one, try purchasing frame mouldings. You can find relatively cheap frame mouldings which you can use to create a nice arty look to a plain wall.

  1. RugsSweet-Orange-Pattern-Rugs-Decor-Ideas

You could find some fancy rugs (made from remains of fancy carpets) at some carpet stores. These rugs are often inexpensive and can turn a plain boring floor into something akin to an artistic canvas.

  1. Light Bulbs

If you want to create a sort of ambience in a particular room, switch out an ordinary white bulb with a mildly coloured one. Try light pink or a soft orange in your bedroom for that romantic feel. Different rooms could use different settings. Light bulbs can help create these moods.

  1. Replacements

Where you have an old ugly faucet, replace it with a newer, more stylish version. You could also replace things like your shower curtain and outdated cabinets and drawer chests. It all depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Some replacements might be costly, but they are worth it in the end.

  1. Lighting

You can improve the lighting of a room by simply making use of the daylight. If there is a corner of a room that is perpetually dark, even during the day, a mirror placed at the correct angle could reflect the daylight onto that portion of the room. Of course, this is tricky because the mirror has to blend in with the rest of the room.

  1. Plants

Plants provide a feeling of nature that could transform the entire look of a house. Find the correct types of plants (whether cacti or flowers or anything else you may fancy) for your house. These plants have to complement your home decor.

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