Types of Garage Door Materials on the Market Today

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Types of Garage Door Materials on the Market Today

Garage doors are offered in a number of various products, each which has imperfections and benefits. Here is a fast summary of exactly what each product provides, with tips on the best ways to compare the alternatives. Our friends over at www.bestvegasgaragedoorrepair.com gave us the lowdown.


Second, garage doors have steel panels that differ in density. Low-priced doors have thin panels of 27- or 28-gauge steel. Ideal and economical for lots of garages, these doors will not stand up well to effect (from basketballs, for example). Steel is a bad insulator, so insulated doors are a wise option for conserving energy (and decreasing sound). Midlevel doors provide 25- or 26-gauge steel (the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel). Some steel garage doors provide thicker steel on the outdoors than on the inside. Steel is the most popular product for garage doors, and for great factor. Steel doors are reasonably priced, long lasting, low upkeep and readily available in practically any design you like. Steel can be repainted, and it is offered in structures that simulate wood. When looking for a custom steel garage door, 2 functions are specifically worth offering some believed to.



The very first garage doors were made with wood, and wood remains to attract those looking for conventional designs and products. Wood doors are provided in a range of designs, which can consist of windows.


Aluminum doors share a number of the qualities of steel, with optional synthetic wood texturing and lasting surfaces. Aluminum is lighter and less costly than steel, however it is most likely to damage.

The lowest-cost choice is repainted wood with flat hardboard panels.

Wood is a much better insulator than steel, however insulated steel doors offer much better energy preservation. Wood doors have to be preserved and redecorated frequently.

Stain-grade wood doors cost more, however provide the heat of natural wood that can make a huge distinction in the curb appeal of a home.

Wood Composite

They provide the stamina of steel with the appearances and structure of wood, and they can be repainted or stained. Composite doors transcend to strong wood in withstanding rot and splitting.

Composite doors are made with recycled wood fibers.


Fiberglass is really light, a bad insulator, and can fade from weather condition direct exposure. It is more resistant to salt-water deterioration than other garage door products, which makes it a great option for seaside areas.

Fiberglass garage doors represent a little section of the marketplace. The panels, which are enclosed in aluminum frames, can be repainted and provide higher resistance to damages than thin steel.

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